How Texas Governor Bush deserved to win his White House Because he showed that he had the best ability and integrity to have best thinking tank behind him in both Waco (1. He showed see no evil eyes. 2. He showed honest guts to freeze like real animal does when forced to face the upper formed means. 3. He showed how to keep nice silence good coward strength. 4. He showed have ears for good advisers. How those good all gone during his second term in his White House time? Because no man 買房子is perfect, all man is fool, always following low lower lowest when you allow any "Whore.Sway" appearing in front of his eyes personally. That may explain how come someone from Saudi coming up to demand you all ban woman from appearing in the media that I remember I read that head line mentioned in in recent days but I don't remember how to spell those head line words, therefore, I canno 澎湖民宿t find that quote now, anyone needs to have quote, need to do by yourself. ) and that female death(Because all those God believers should rely on God instead of committed the selfish crime.) sentenced cases. It is very sad, George Bush junior falling from the Greatest Leader in the entire history hopeful into the most serious heavy weighted criminal like Chinese said "天壤之別" simply because he failed to keep USA good White Ho 酒店工作use tradition rule to ban any female from being slaved inside his White House. No wonder even Confucius must have to sigh "Way.女子.Yu.小人.Nun.Young.Yell".9.11.2001. TwinTower New York City suck can tell you how a divorced-remarried male must be sucker unfits to eat any public fund, that stupid bad ugly evil Rudy Giuliani either too stupid bad ugly evil to know that he should called his New York Governor to ask US military force to come to seal 節能燈具 the crime scene to investigate every New York city rich and famous, poor and nobody known, public and private workers to leave no stone un-turned that must include all U.N.chained linked to find out all war criminals instead of abused his Mayor job convenience to call up his President to see the crime scene to force his President must have to call US military to face overseas war instead of clear up the enemy within to answer the Governor calls; or he's the war c 建築設計riminal(Your military only needs "Suspected" facts that can be doubted by any good better best will and minded people like me in order to kill any war criminal, because you must have no way to try or jail your untrustable enemy within. Giuliani called US President instead of New York Governor down to that crime scene plus to allow his New York city to hire moral heavily questionable illegal "Linda Chwee" <Why a Taiwanese woman be allowed to got visa to left her three daughters and old G2000 sick P00R husband behind to come with sight seeing group to step on USA soil to please her luxury overseas trip? Why so many born in USA citizen out of job, yet that immoral illegal questionable @@Linda Chwee, Chinese name 虞夏花, first husband 張西園, second husband Thomas Chwee. 718-2656502 917-4353068 70-45 Loubet St. Forest Hills, NY 11375; 42-25 80St. 6F Elmhurst, NY 11373 718-6397087; 179 Simonson Ave Staten Island NY 10303; 66 Bay 49th St., Brooklyn N.Y. 11214; Jeremy Cobb. Inc. 1290 Ave of The Amer 買屋網icas N.Y. N.Y. 10104; 718-4480805/9463637/4467528 412-5216616; 2615 N.4th St Harrisburg PA 17110 717-2349335 886-2-{2}8824488; 41-16 77St Elmhurst N.Y.11373 717-2346655 @@ Taiwanese female dressed animal got your US Post 0ffice job in your biggest city New York?> sounding like Linda Tripp, looked heighth like Linda Tripp to work in your public US post office already showed enough to be killed as war criminal by your military force.) himself underground chained with USA liar President Bill Clinton (That how US President must 膠原蛋白 have to kill any his former dares show up to fart, and openly send White House speaker to tell the media that that former killed by him then keeps lips tightly not to commit attacking defenseless dead body crime.) and his ass whore Hillary Clinton together on purposely committed the pattern of the crime like Chinese said "做賊喊捉賊" to tooled their underground chained slavery terrors to use that 9.11. attacks to continue their Waco challenge to George Bush junior and US military force as before. That rudy Giuliani should show he can have a 有巢氏房屋 best trustable friend willing to do the beheaded service to him like every Japan Samurai showed to prove he's too stupid bad ugly evil to know how to call his New York Governor instead of that war criminal underground chained with USA liar President Bill Clinton and his ass whore Hillary Clinton. Because when you become defenseless dead body, every one must have the good will to supposed you are foolish man instead of you are war criminal.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 部落格  .


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